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9 April, 2020
overview of Java

Overview of Java – Java tutorial for beginners

Java tutorial for beginners | Java Overview

overview of Java tutorial for beginners is basically designed for beginner as well as professional java programmers.

Java is commonly used general purpose , object oriented programming language.We can develop two type of applications using java.

  1. Stand-alone Application
  2. Java Applets

Stand-alone applications are programs written in java to perform specific tasks on local computer. Java is basically used to develop  all kind of applications.In java, There are two steps to execute stand alone java program.

  1. Compiling source code into byte code using javac compiler.
  2. Executing the byte code using java interpreter.

Stand-Alone Applications:

Stand-alone applications are programs written in java to perform specific tasks on local computer that Applets are cannot do.

Java Applets :

Applets are small programs that runs on browser . It is basically developed for inernet applications. Applets are used to perform certain tasks on server. We can develop applets for doing everything from simple animated graphics to complex games and utilities.

Simple Java Program Structure

public class Hello{

    public static void main(String[] args){

    System.out.println("Hello, World!");




Class Declaration :

           public class Hello{

First line Declares Class “Hello” , Which is object Oriented construct and every thing in java program should be inside the class.

Opening Braces :

Every class in java opens with curly braces and also ends with curly braces.

The Main Line :

public static void main(String[] args){

The third line defines method named “main()“. It is similar to C++’s main Method. In every java program “main()” must be included. It is main entry point to the java program.

The Output Line :

System.out.println("Hello, World!");

Like Printf or Cout in  C/C++ we use Println function.

we will discuss all further in detail.

Hope You have learnt Lot of things from this overview of Java and tutorial for beginners Tutorial

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